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CLOSED  Feature request #90  -  Automatic backend selection in CMake
Posted Sep 16, 2011 - updated Feb 17, 2012   Shortlink:
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Fixed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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Issue description
Our current CMake scripts are great, but they will fail on Windows if you don't have OpenAL/SDL/GLEW/GL and don't specify

I'd like it to be super simple... CMake could check that these exists or not, and build the supported backend accordingly. This way, someone can simply install the DirectX SDK and have everything needed to build the game without changing the CMake options...

The CMake script could still check that there is at least one backend available for each subsystem...

Does that makes sense ?

Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Sep 16, 20:50
yes that makes sense

and i'd like to the runtime to so the game doesn't quit if the configured backend doesn't exist or fails to initialize -- we should first try all available backends
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Sep 16, 20:52
also (I think I mentioned this earlier) but I think we should drop the ARX_ prefix for the CMake options
Comment posted by
Sep 17, 00:51
yes I agree that the prefix aren't really needed for CMake
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Jan 06, 18:44
This is now implemented in the cmake-cleanup( branch. BobJelly: could you test if everything works correctly on windows?