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OPEN  Feature request #1002  -  Higher-resolution menu backgrounds
Posted May 16, 2017 - updated Nov 16, 2022   Shortlink:
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Issue description
The illustrations used in cinematics can be used to provide higher-res versions of background images used in the menu, new game screen and credits.

We can compose the images at run-time to avoid licensing issues involved with shipping them ourselves.

New backgrounds should be composed once at the right resolution rather than per-frame.

Main menu  ⇑ top

Current background: graph/interface/menus/menu_main_background.jpg

High-res version (without "Arx Fatalis" text) can be composed of:

  1. graph/interface/illustrations/illust/sylib_profil.tga
  2. graph/interface/illustrations/illust/sylib_noden.tga

What to do about the "Arx Fatalis" text?
  • Re-create it from the source font "Abbadon"
  • Use part of original image for that (likely won't look that great)
  • Replace it with the Arx Libertatis logo

Character creation  ⇑ top

Current background: graph/interface/book/character_sheet/char_creation_bg.bmp

High-res version can be cropped from:

  1. graph/interface/illustrations/illust/noden.tga

Credits  ⇑ top

Current background: graph/interface/menus/menu_credits.jpg

High-res version can be composed of:

  1. graph/interface/illustrations/illust/akbaa dream.tga
  2. graph/interface/illustrations/illust/noden.tga

Possible complications  ⇑ top

  • Do the demo versions of the game ship all of these? We can always fallback to the original backgrounds if any of the higher-res source images are missing -- may want to do that anyway for lower resolutions or as an option for die-hard vanilla fans (or to allow users to see the improvement).

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Jul 13, 04:06
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Menu Credits 4K
Menu Credits 4Kicon_open_new.png
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Jul 13, 04:06
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Main Menu Background 4K (Arx Libertatis)
Main Menu Background 4K (Arx Libertatis)icon_open_new.png
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Jul 13, 04:10
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Char Creation 4K
Char Creation 4Kicon_open_new.png
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