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10% Lava does not tile properly Lava has seams and is lacking black spots. Example from Arx Fatalis: Bug report #507
10% Ratman backflip animation at the end of the intro fails s... This bug is pretty old. Correct animation: Bug report #93
10% Add support to read game resources from .zip files This will allow us and mod creators to create resource bundles without using the proprietary implode compression algo... Feature request #354
10% Enoill is unable to walk away Enoill is supposed to walk away leaving his key after receiving a mug of beer, instead he becomes stuck near his table. Bug report #592
10% Interface items are stretched based on screen aspect ratio. Interface items that are scaled based on screen size are stretched for non-4:3 resoltions, including: * (New)... Bug report #211
0% Reaching 100 in Stealth through bonus doesn't allow to be... When you reach 100 in stealth, you are able to steal everything (the items with a question marks are lootable). Bu... Bug report #326
0% Crash Reporter: Check if a newer AL version is available ... Maybe users should still be able to submit the bug report, but strongly urged not to unless they have been told other... Feature request #373
0% Update stb_image or replace with external library We should either replace the bundled stb image with an external library or change it into an unmodified version that ... Task #811
0% Security System in Akbaa temple can be fooled by jumping ... Because of the enhanced jump length, in the Akbaa temple, in the room with the pulled-in bridge, it´s now possible to... Bug report #960
0% [META] Rendering issues with AL 1.1+ There have been a few reports of rendering glitches, particularly in the menu. These are starting to show up now as w... Bug report #593
0% [9774F695] arx.exe!Cedric_AnimCalcTranslation() animati... Illegal storage access Callstack: arx.exe!0x63f4aa arx.exe!0x6408a2 arx.exe!0x645156 arx.exe!0x523ad0 ... Crash report #253


Progress Title Description More info
0% Cutscene bug when letting Kultar out of his cell When you let kultar out of his cell it triggers a cutscene. Eventually when he tells you how to get out of there the ... Bug report #834
0% [META] Issues deleting or overwriting current.sav while l... . Bug report #1218
0% [A34045DF] Save file corruption in defragmentation resu... new operator failed Callstack: arx.exe!0x538111 MSVCR100.dll!_fcloseall() MSVCR100.dll!void * __cdecl operat... Crash report #439
0% The first earthquake does not trigger in the mine after g... The first quake should trigger shortly after tearing the first encountered spider web in the abandoned mine (level15)... Bug report #963