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10% Lava does not tile properly Lava has seams and is lacking black spots. Example from Arx Fatalis: Bug report #507
10% Add support to read game resources from .zip files This will allow us and mod creators to create resource bundles without using the proprietary implode compression algo... Feature request #354
10% Enoill is unable to walk away Enoill is supposed to walk away leaving his key after receiving a mug of beer, instead he becomes stuck near his table. Bug report #592
10% Interface items are stretched based on screen aspect ratio. Interface items that are scaled based on screen size are stretched for non-4:3 resoltions, including: * (New)... Bug report #211
0% Crash Reporter: Check if a newer AL version is available ... Maybe users should still be able to submit the bug report, but strongly urged not to unless they have been told other... Feature request #373
0% Update stb_image or replace with external library We should either replace the bundled stb image with an external library or change it into an unmodified version that ... Task #811
0% Security System in Akbaa temple can be fooled by jumping ... Because of the enhanced jump length, in the Akbaa temple, in the room with the pulled-in bridge, it´s now possible to... Bug report #960
0% [META] Rendering issues with AL 1.1+ There have been a few reports of rendering glitches, particularly in the menu. These are starting to show up now as w... Bug report #593
0% [9774F695] arx.exe!Cedric_AnimCalcTranslation() animati... Illegal storage access Callstack: arx.exe!0x63f4aa arx.exe!0x6408a2 arx.exe!0x645156 arx.exe!0x523ad0 ... Crash report #253
0% Reaching 100 in Stealth through bonus doesn't allow to be... When you reach 100 in stealth, you are able to steal everything (the items with a question marks are lootable). Bu... Bug report #326
0% arx-install-data should search for installers if ... Output: [@-linux-box arx-libertatis]$ arx-install-data /home//games/gog_games/arx_fatalis_d... Enhancement #1589