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OPEN  Feature request #1015  -  Xbox UI/controls
Posted Jun 12, 2017 - updated Jul 07, 2021   Shortlink:
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Issue description
The original Xbox UI and controlscheme was different than the PC version. It better suited controllers and had a much simpler magic system where you binded spells to hotkeys instead of repeatedly drawing runes. This would help the project especially with porting to mobile devices in the future.


Note I'm describing this as an optional sort of thing. Just if people wanna play the game this way like they did with the console port. I personally preferred the xbox port of the game when I played it since I grew tired of drawing runes in Arx on PC over and over when I played a magic user.

Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Jun 13, 23:55
Hm, that is something we can think about. However, I'm a bit worried that adding something like hotkey-based casting would discourage users from giving the drawing a chance - something that is a distinctive part of the (PC version) of Arx Fatalis. Still, we should generally let people play the game however they want to. Maybe this would fit into a difficulty option (along with hunger, damage/armor modifiers, ...).

Have you tried our new rune recognition algorithm available in the development snapshots (enabled by default). Does this make the casting better or do you just not want to draw the runes at all?

Are there any parts of the Xbox controls besides the casting that you think would be good to add to Arx Libertatis?

This would help the project especially with porting to mobile devices in the future.

Drawing runes should work fine on mobile (touch) devices - other parts of the combat/movement will need more changes though.
Comment posted by
Jun 14, 00:07
Personally I think the system would work best if it was an option. And I agree with the idea of limiting it by difficulty.

My biggest issue with Arx as a game mostly revolves around how I felt like the rpg mechanics best suited a more warrior character and if you wanted to play a strictly magic/stealth user you were mostly left in the dust. Especially towards the end since I remember the final boss had so much health I eventually had to settle with fighting him in melee anyway. With the xbox it was less of an issue since you could hotkey spells. The other issues I had with drawing spells mostly related to how accurate you had to be at times and when fighting the harder enemies like Ylsides it felt almost suicidal. Since if you screwed up one rune you had to essentially start over.

I haven't checked the development snapshots yet. What was added to them with regard to drawing spells?

I meant more so in the context of how a lot of mobile users tend to play with a controller. At least in my experience. In terms of touch screen play I'd imagine the more Deus Ex-like inventory management would also be more welcoming but that's just in my opinion. I also think the system would appeal to players who like other rpgs of a similar style like Morrowind or Dark Messiah but are put off by the Ultima Underworld holdovers.
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Jul 07, 07:58
Sinse i practice gameplay on xbox controller, i can comment it: magic system in game already comfortable for controller. We can made precast 3 spells (better if add to 5), and i no feel difficult for draw it. We can play with controller only with steam big picture, or xpadder. It will be good, if controller setup will be added as options and buttons highlighted on HUD. Inventory control with cursor a bit hard, but if sensitivity setup well - no problem.