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OPEN  Bug report #1162  -  Mouse Cursor on Game Menu Uncontrolable
Posted Feb 14, 2018 - updated Jun 30, 2018   Shortlink:
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Issue description
Windows 10 OS, radeonHD4600, Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8300

After installing the game then the update then Libertatis(1.1.2(most actual update)), the game started normally and all seemed well until the menu appeared. When I moved the mouse even 1/16th of an inch the mouse cursor move all the way across the monitor and not necessarily in the direction I was moving the mouse. The cursor was impossible to control and I was unable to position it over any of the menu items. The cursor would just go off the edge of the screen, and leave trails, with the slightest movement of the mouse. That's as far as I got. I had to open task manager in order to exit the game. Made right click on Icon, choosed compatibility, disabled dpi scaling, doesnt glitch as much but every few seconds and only on fullscreen.

The game is a cd version from a magazine that I bought too many years ago that worked well on windows xp or 98... can't remember.
Steps to reproduce this issue
Install game, install update, install Libertatis, start game and wait for menu to appear, try to use mouse.

Comment posted by
 Guest user
Feb 21, 10:47
Comment posted by
 Guest user
Mar 06, 19:04
Yes same as well for me, if you play it in windowed mode (Alt-Enter) it goes away but thats kind of unncaeptable and the problem seems to have existed since 2015, would love for it to be fixed.
Comment posted by
 Guest user
Mar 10, 03:51
This bug hasn't ever been fixed. Disabling "DPI Scaling" via Compatibility doesn't fix it for me either. Very frustrating to have to play this in a window.
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Jun 30, 23:27
Please try the latest development snapshot to see if it improves the issue for you.