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OPEN  Feature request #123  -  Show secret spells in the spellbook once they have been found
Posted Oct 15, 2011 - updated Oct 02, 2012   Shortlink:
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Issue description
Only max. 4 spells per level is shown.

"Activate portal" is never shown (doesn't have a level?)

Comment posted by
Oct 25, 09:00
Those are secret spells. Maybe they should only be shown after being cast once.
Comment posted by
Nov 28, 14:45
can this be verified as a bug?

see ARX_Player_Rune_Add in game/player.cpp for example.

when new runes are added this function checks if the notification effect should be applied to the questbook icon due to new spells becoming available. it demonstrates intent not to include the "secret" spells.

if (spelliconsi.bSecret == false)
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Dec 01, 02:37
You are right, there is clearly intent to make those spells secret.

I still think those spells should be added to the spellbook after casting them the first time. And the activate portal spell should be added when it is explained to the player. Those are enhancements and not bugs though.
Comment posted by
Dec 01, 05:56
i had been looking into getting that to work a couple times already, actually. i agree they should be added. i suspect the issue was that they don't fit at 640x480 resolution or when the book is at 1-1 pixel mapping size.

the images exist in the pak for many more spells which don't even exist in the code. i think it might even make sense to extend the spells system with these additional spells in a few cases.

to get it to look good and function well i think a new solution to replace the current "select by spell level" system will need to be invented. it would make the most sense to show spells in a list (with nav arrows) and even allow clicking them for information or what you might call "zooming" into those spells.

another issue held back by the ui code...
Comment posted by
Dec 05, 17:35
There are secret spells and secret runes (that are used in the extra duper secret debugging spells).

Are you saying there were MORE planned?
Comment posted by
Dec 05, 20:58
it seems so, just have a look into the pak files.

actually many files from the original demo (1999?) are still contained there and even more never used in the game at all.

try this for example:

		io->obj = loadObject("graph/obj3d/interactive/npc/human_female_base/human_female_base.teo", false);
		io->scale = 1.0f;
		io->obj->name = "cache female";
		TextureContainer *tc = TextureContainer::Find("graph/obj3d/textures/npc_human_female_base_body");
Comment posted by
Jun 17, 16:41
This issue is what I came looking for today. I would like it if a spell (once cast) could appear in the book with the runes to cast it ~just like any regular spell; but excluding the Underworld spell & debug spells.

  • Is it possible to shrink the spell icons once more than four are known?
(IE. call up an alternate page with the icons reduced and the layout rearranged.)