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OPEN  Feature request #144  -  Allow to remap both single and double mouse clicks
Posted Dec 14, 2011 - updated Jul 01, 2018   Shortlink:
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Issue description
I don't know if this is possible but it would be nice if mouse buttons could be mapped to either single click or double click separately.

If a mouse button only has single click mappings it would not wait and just do the action, as it does today.

If it has a single click and a double click it would wait 0.7 seconds before doing the action if single click; or do the double click action if two clicks in the timer

Only double click actions should be prevented in the settings menu. Trying to map double click to a option should just use single click if no single click for that mouse button already exists.

This would be nice to map "Action" and "Use" to a single button (and possibly others).

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Dec 14, 15:16
Why is there a difference between "Action" and "Use" anyway? Is it moving objects vs "using" them?
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Dec 15, 06:41
the whole system needs to be updated and will be. hopefully quite soon.

modern control support (example, xbox 360 controller) is a goal. even if casting would be difficult, the goal is to be able to configure this type of thing. whether using keyboard and mouse, controllers or a combination of those.

click and double-click would definitely be separate inputs and could be assigned to any assignable action.