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OPEN  Feature request #145  -  Budge the player if he gets stuck
Posted Dec 15, 2011 - updated Jun 20, 2019   Shortlink:
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Issue description
The player can get stuck in some spots, for example in the gutter right before you meet the spiders for the first time, or in teleporter geometry. Even levitation (if available) doesn't always help. This problem also existed in Postal 2, and they solved it by forcefully budging the player to a nearby open area. Can a similar feature be implemented for Arx? Of course, this opens up some possibilities for abuse, but it can also be a huge progress saver.

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Dec 15, 18:52
it's true you can get stuck in the teleporter by unwisely jumping on it's edges.

I worked around it with the "passwall" (noclip) secret spell&rune
Comment posted by
Dec 15, 20:54
i think since any method such as that to get out of these situations would address the symptom and not the cause, passwall works just fine.

eventually some of the clipping/physics code should be modified to make it far less likely to happen as well as improve other features.

it would be nice to have a console available to type cheats rather than having to use the spell system, but as it is the spell isn't too difficult.
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Jun 20, 11:35
See also Bug report 1363 - [META] NPCs getting stuck for NPCs getting stuck.