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CLOSED  Enhancement #1463  -  Twin Dealers Wiped Makes 2 Runes Inaccessible
Posted Jun 11, 2020 - updated Jul 11, 2021   Shortlink:
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Issue description
The Twin Dealers (The same ones who might kick your head in if you decide to try robbing them) can be taken out by 5 scrubby goblins if you kill both the water and earth tribe. While this sucks since it removes one of the best merchents in the game for complete BS reasons, it also completely removes access to Tera and Movis if you have not bought them already.

I'd suggest just removing the event, it's absurd all their stock disappears as well as the magic protected chests from 5 scrub-tier mobs. At the least an alternate means of getting Tera and Movis would be nice.

Comment posted by
 Guest user
Jun 11, 02:58
Crap I'm dumb, couldn't find any info on it online but literally 30 meters away all teh chests were there. Apologies