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OPEN  Bug report #1524  -  10x Lord Inut Potions
Posted Jan 21, 2021 - updated Jun 04, 2021   Shortlink:
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Issue description
While doing Lord Inut's quest, I did encounter an interesting bug. When crafting the cure for Inut, if you use a bottle from a stack(10 bottles) on cauldron, then 10 of them will have this effect. In the end, when you apply those 10 bottles(split before use) on Lord Inut, it will allow you to get 20,000 EXP per bottle.



EXP with Ridiculous (from zero):

Steps to reproduce this issue
1. Use 10x Stack Bottle of Water on cauldron

2. Use 10x Stack Lord Inut potion to Lord Inut

Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Jun 04, 20:23
This is a scripting bug: Instead of replacing the water bottle with another entity (which would only replace one of the stack), the scrip ends up setting a variable on the water bottle stack and changes the description to description_potion_strange.

We could work around / support this without script fixes by always unstacking when combining and then re-stack afterwards if the item is still the same. Or alternatively we could unstack when a script tries to modify a stacked item. To me it makes sense to pretend that they are individual entities wherever possible (like is already done for eatme and replaceme) and tread the stacking only as a usability/perf optimization.

Do we know if there are any cases where stacked items should all be modified at once - ie where something like this is the expected behavior?