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OPEN  Bug report #1560  -  Stealth armor bonus is incorrect
Posted Jul 08, 2021 - updated Jul 08, 2021   Shortlink:
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Issue description
According to their description, each piece of the stealth armor set (helmet, chest, and leggings) gives a 5% bonus to the Stealth skill, but in reality they are giving a flat +5 points (not a relative percentage) to the Stealth skill.

For example if your Stealth skill is 60 and you equip one of these pieces of armor, your Stealth becomes 65, instead of 63 which would be the correct value for a 5% increase.

My suggestion to fix this would be to either modify the items' description and remove the percentage symbol (%), or modify the bonus the items provide to be an actual relative percentage (like the assasin dagger, which correctly gives +10% stealth).

Tested in 1.2-rc1.
Steps to reproduce this issue
1. Open the character sheet. 2. Equip any piece of stealth armor. 3. Check the value of the Stealth skill before and after equipping the item.