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CLOSED  Bug report #1605  -  Arx Libertatis 1.2 Hard Freeze at start
Posted Jan 23, 2022 - updated Apr 05, 2022   Shortlink:
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Fixed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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Issue description
Intro cinematic plays normally (Usually sometimes it freezes during cinematic). Upon reaching the main menu the game begins to heavily lag until a it completely freezes.

This does not happen with Arx Libertatis versions 1.1.2 and earlier.

Issue is consistent on both Windows 10 and Pop!_OS 21.10 (Kernel 5.15.15) 64 bit versions on same hardware.

Guessing issue is caused by Intel Iris Xe graphics but I have no way to know for sure.

Computer Specs: CPU - 11th Gen Intel i7-1165G7 4 cores 8 Threads @ 4.700GHz GPU - Intel TigerLake-LP GT2 Xe Graphics Memory - 40GB DDR4 32000MHz Storage - 2 TB NVMe

I have tried different resolutions, frame rates, graphics settings to no avail.

Command line output upon launching (Unable to exit without force killing process so output stops at initialization):
  1. user@computer:~/Games/arx-libertatis-1.2-linux/arx
  2. [I] Startup:163 Starting Arx Libertatis 1.2
  3. [I] ArxGame:342 Using config file "/home/user/.config/arx/cfg.ini"
  4. [I] SDL2Window:191 Using SDL 2.0.14
  5. [I] SDL2Window:541 Window: X11 r:8 g:8 b:8 a:0 depth:24 aa:1x doublebuffer:1
  6. [I] OpenGLRenderer:110 Using OpenGL 4.6 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 21.2.2
  7. [I] OpenGLRenderer:113 ├─ Vendor: Intel
  8. [I] OpenGLRenderer:116 ├─ Device: Mesa Intel(R) Xe Graphics (TGL GT2)
  9. [I] OpenGLRenderer:130 ├─ Context type: no error
  10. [I] OpenGLRenderer:183 └─ VRAM: (unknown)
  11. [I] ArxGame:1097 Changed fullscreen mode to 2560x1440@120Hz
  12. [I] PakReader:588 Loaded PAK "/home/user/.local/share/arx/data.pak"
  13. [I] PakReader:588 Loaded PAK "/home/user/.local/share/arx/loc.pak"
  14. [I] PakReader:588 Loaded PAK "/home/user/.local/share/arx/data2.pak"
  15. [I] PakReader:588 Loaded PAK "/home/user/.local/share/arx/data/data2.pak"
  16. [I] PakReader:588 Loaded PAK "/home/user/.local/share/arx/sfx.pak"
  17. [I] PakReader:588 Loaded PAK "/home/user/.local/share/arx/speech.pak"
  18. [I] PakReader:637 Added dir "/home/user/Games/arx-libertatis-1.2-linux/data/localisation"
  19. [I] PakReader:637 Added dir "/home/user/Games/arx-libertatis-1.2-linux/data/misc"
  20. [I] PakReader:637 Added dir "/home/user/.local/share/arx/graph"
  21. [I] PakReader:637 Added dir "/home/user/.local/share/arx/misc"
  22. [I] PakReader:637 Added dir "/home/user/.local/share/arx/data/graph"
  23. [I] PakReader:637 Added dir "/home/user/.local/share/arx/data/misc"
  24. [I] SaveGame:69 Using save game dir "/home/user/.local/share/arx/save"
  25. [I] OpenALBackend:281 Using OpenAL 1.1 ALSOFT 1.19.1 with EFX 1.0
  26. [I] OpenALBackend:321 ├─ Vendor: OpenAL Community
  27. [I] OpenALBackend:325 ├─ Renderer: OpenAL Soft
  28. [I] OpenALBackend:350 ├─ Device: Razer USB Sound Card Analog Stereo
  29. [I] OpenALBackend:353 └─ HRTF: Disabled
  30. [I] Localisation:354 Using text language from config: english
  31. [I] Localisation:371 Using audio language from config: english
  32. [I] Localisation:239 Loading: xtext_default_001_arxlibertatis.ini
  33. [I] Localisation:239 Loading: xtext_english_001_arxlibertatis.ini
  34. [I] ScriptEvent:448 Scripting system initialized with 174 commands and 200 suppressions
  35. [I] FontCache:194 Using FreeType 2.10.4
  36. [I] Text:447 Loaded font "misc/arx.ttf" with sizes 120, 66, 42, 84, 45, 45, 45, 16
  37. [I] ArxGame:852 Initialized Arx Fatalis (full game)

I am unable to find any errors in log files located in ~/.local/share/arx/ (crash directory is empty)

Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

Steps to reproduce this issue
1) Launch Arx Libertatis 1.2 2) Hard freeze at intro cut scene OR at main menu

Comment posted by
Jan 23, 08:16
Apologies for the bad formatting. I've attached a text file of the command line output for easier reading.
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Jan 23, 17:09
Please try lowering the video and render settings to see if that helps. In particular, try setting "Alpha Cutout AA" to "Disabled" or "Fuzzy" since "Crisp" is known to cause problems with Intel's Windows drivers. If you can't change the setting before the game freezes, then edit ~/.config/arx/cfg.ini and change alpha_cutout_antialiasing=2 to alpha_cutout_antialiasing=1 or alpha_cutout_antialiasing=0.

If the problem is the "Crisp" "Alpha Cutout AA" setting then it is almost certainly a driver bug with the GL_ARB_sample_shading OpenGL extension and you should report it to the Mesa bug tracker. GL_ARB_sample_shading is already blacklisted for Intel HD cards on Windows and will also be blacklisted for for Intel Iris Xe cards on Windows with the next AL release but for the Linux drivers I would prefer try to get it fixed in the driver first before adding workarounds to AL.

Please also run the game with the --debug-gl command-line option (e.g. `./arx --debug-gl`) and post the arx.log from that run if there is anything new. I'd be interested in that even if changing the "Alpha Cutout AA" setting fixes the problem.
Comment posted by
Jan 23, 20:35
A file was uploaded. arx.log w/ --debug-glicon_open_new.png This comment was attached:

Unfortunately changing alpha_cutout_antialiasing to either 1 or 0 had no effect.

I did discover that I am able to move the mouse without freeze using my laptop's track pad although it is still very laggy. Using this I was able to get past the main menu and start a new game, the same behavior occurred: Very laggy gameplay with trackpad -> freeze up on using high DPI USB mouse

Disconnecting external mouse and keyboard before launch and using just the built in keyboard/trackpad did not have an effect.

The --debug-gl option gave no useful output (see attached)

Do you have any insight on the rendering changes that took place going from 1.1.2 -> 1.2? As far as I can tell 1.1.2 uses the same OpenGL and has no issues. Sorry if that is a dumb request I know very little about OpenGL/rendering.

Thanks for your help.
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Apr 02, 15:16
Possibly related to Bug report 1424 - Extreme mouse lag/frame skipping.
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Apr 02, 15:29
So all reports of this are with the pre-built binaries which for AL 1.2 include SDL 2.0.14 in both the Linux and Windows build.

Can you please test if this issue still happens if you

  • For Linux: Remove bin/i686/, bin/i686/, bin/amd64/ and bin/amd64/ (while having SDL2 installed system-wide).
  • For Windows: Replace bin/x86/SDL2.dll and bin/x64/SDL2.dll with the version from the latest 32-bit and 64-bit Windows runtime binaries available at

If this helps please let me know which SDL2 version works for your (the version used is in arx.log / the terminal output).
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Apr 03, 09:49
I do see some stuttering with SDL 2.0.14 in the Linux binaries for AL 1.2 which does go away when using the system SDL 2.0.20. Nothing unplayable or even all that noticeable on my system but visible on the FPS graph.
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Apr 04, 19:43
The issue I was seeing was caused by SDL being built with --disable-timers but that would not affect the windows binaries as those use the official SDL dll from
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Apr 04, 21:00
OK, I have managed to reproduce more extreme stuttering and freeze and it is all fixed for me with the upcoming release which includes the alpha cutout fix as well as SDL 2.0.20 built with --enable-timers.

Please try this build and let me know if you still have any problems: