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OPEN  Bug report #1613  -  Reading 'Races of Arx' doesn't update dragon dialogue
Posted Mar 31, 2022 - updated Feb 16, 2024   Shortlink:
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Issue description
After being tasked with finding out how many scales a dragon has, reading the 'Races of Arx' book either from the world or from your inventory does not update your quest book, and the dragon only gives you snide hints when talked to instead of advancing the story.

It's possible this is caused by reading the book prior to being given the quest objective, but it's difficult to test that without playing through the whole game again. Another possibility is it could be caused by the page count of the book being altered by resolution/font size changes.
Steps to reproduce this issue
1 Talk to Zalnashh during the ultimate weapon quest to get the dragon egg objective.

2 Talk to the ice dragon to get the "How many scales can a dragon have? I must find information about that." quest book entry.

3 Read the book 'Races of Arx' in the human castle library, all the way to the final page.

4 Try to talk to the ice dragon again.

Comment posted by
Apr 10, 09:43
4. Need give for dragon gold. Thats solve your problem. Its not a bug.
Comment posted by
 Guest user
icon_reply.pngFeb 16, 21:14, in reply to comment #1
No, Am Shaegar just says "I shouldn't do this.". The quest doesn't progress to the stage enabling the gold to be given.

Also yes I only just now remembered to come back and check this thread. <_>