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OPEN  Enhancement #1654  -  Collision material used for step sound relies on texture file name
Posted Nov 01, 2022 - updated Jan 14, 2023   Shortlink:
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Issue description

I've added a custom texture with the filename "ladder.jpg" and it loads fine in game, however it doesn't come with wood sound when I walk on it even if I add POLY_WOOD to the texture flags. However if I rename the file to "ladder-wood.jpg" then I get the sounds that I want.
Steps to reproduce this issue
  1. Download the following work in progress map:
  2. Go through the 2 doors to the other side of the wall
  3. Stand in front of the 2 ladders
  4. The left one's texture contains "wood" in it's name and climbing onto it gives off wooden sounds
  5. The right one's texture contains no material in it's name and only the POLY_WOOD flag exits. It has no wooden sound to it

Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Jan 06, 23:51
The material flags like POLY_WOOD from the scene mesh are used for collision sounds for e.g. thrown/dropped items ( see the setmaterial command documentation).

For the step sound, currently the only option is the texture name as documented on the wiki for the setstepmaterial command.

I agree that this is not ideal and perhaps we don't really need a different step and collision materials but I fear that changing the engine to always use the mesh material flags over the texture name is probably going to break something in the game - and in any case there are some differences in the details.

At some point we should add additional files for material information for textures so that at least it doesn't have to depend on the filename.
Comment posted by
Jan 14, 16:08
My least obstructive/incompatible solution is this so far: