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OPEN  Bug report #1753  -  Giving Enoil the one-eyed man his book is unlimited and may grant unlimited XP
Posted Feb 18, 2024 - updated Feb 18, 2024   Shortlink:
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Issue description
When you get the Enoil (one-eyed-man) diary book and give it to him, the game will grant player XP. Enoil is programmed to leave tavern and dissapear, but if you stand in his way and give him the book, the XP points will be added infinitely. As long as you wait through his monolouge you can use the book again, and XP will be granted again, infinitely.
Steps to reproduce this issue
1, Talk to ghost in the crypt level 7.

2. Confront the Enoil (one-eyed-man) in the tavern on the outpost level.

3. Buy him a beer from Tizzy.

4. Grab a key and unlock his house in city of Arx. Grab his diary from the house.

6. Go back to outpost level, find Enoil, block his waypoint.

7. Keep using book on Enoil for infinite XP (you have to wait untill he stops speaking to use it again).

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