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OPEN  Bug report #1759  -  If you enter the Arx prison area using the alternate route before opening the gate using the lever, you're permanently trapped.
Posted Mar 04, 2024 - updated Mar 04, 2024   Shortlink:
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Issue description
In the original game this isn't as much of an issue because you can interact with the lever by sitting close to the portcullis and moving your head through the wall, but in Libertatis due to the enhanced collision detection you'll get trapped no matter what as the trapdoor that takes you into the area automatically locks the moment of the zone transition no matter how much time is left after pulling the lever. It really doesn't help that if a certain option is enabled, you're forced to enter the instant you touch the trapdoor.

It's pretty clearly an oversight.
Steps to reproduce this issue
If the portcullis in the castle isn't closed, close it. Take the back way into the area housing the castle jail cell by pulling a lever and entering a trapdoor. You're now trapped unless you use the noclip cheat. Enjoy.

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