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OPEN  Bug report #1760  -  Spells like Mass Lightning Projection, Life Drain, Harm, and a few others still do significantly more damage than intended.
Posted Mar 06, 2024 - updated Mar 07, 2024   Shortlink:
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Issue description
The damage is no longer dependent on framerate, but the new damage value seems to assume that the damage spells deal at 60 FPS is the intended value. It's not. Arx Fatalis is intended to run at 15-20 FPS, and it shows; aside from obvious examples like Harm, you have less obvious examples like Fireball which become weaker at the intended framerate because it only hits an enemy once instead of three+ times in the span of a few frames. Stealth and the AI begin to work properly without modding at these framerates as well.
Steps to reproduce this issue
Uninstall Arx Libertatis Install Arx Fatalis vanilla Cap your framerate at 15-20 FPS. Watch as a good chunk of the bugs (including bugs with quest triggers) disappear.

Comment posted by
 Guest user
Mar 07, 14:27
Nevermind, they all do damage based upon your framerate even in the developer snapshot build. Life Drain in particular can instantly kill Akbaa at 120FPS or above.