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OPEN  Enhancement #197  -  Keep spell effects after level change, save game loading (and scripted sequences(?))
Posted Mar 06, 2012 - updated Mar 29, 2022   Shortlink:
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Issue description
I don't know if this also happens in original Arx Fatalis: when an enhancement is active, like float, invisibility or magic sight, they will disappear when you save and load the game, go into another level or a sequence, which takes away player/camera control starts.

This might also be true for negative effects like paralysis and poison.

Level change and loading should save the enhancement status.

Scripted events might be complicated to deal with. Here are some cases to consider:

  1. Player is invisible and the scripted event involves the player speaking
  2. Player is poisoned and will die during the sequence if not healed
  3. Player has HARM activated and comes close to NPCs during the sequence
  4. Player created a trap before the sequence and an NPC steps into it during the sequence

Some effects cause visual and sound effects for the player: magic vision changes the display and plays a sound. Such effects should only be active when the player perspective camera is active - it never is in sequences in which the player doesn't control the game I believe.