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CLOSED  Bug report #256  -  Graphics problems on FreeBSD
Posted May 02, 2012 - updated Jun 16, 2012   Shortlink:
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Not a bug" and resolution "CAN'T FIX".
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Issue description
It seems that there are problems with playability on FreeBSD. The game is slow and on some configuration just an slideshow, for example on FreeBSD 9-release/amd64 X.Org X Server 1.7.7 nvidia-driver-295.40, GTX 560 Ti.

I personally can't reproduce the slideshow case, game a little slow but playable for me. I have FreeBSD 9/amd64 X Server 1.7.10, nvidia-driver-295.40, GTX 550. Don't think that this matter of hardware, most likely some FreeBSD specific issue. Can You please give some tips how to debug, profile this case?
Steps to reproduce this issue
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Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
May 03, 23:27
I don't think I'll be able to help much here as I'm not familiar enough with FreeBSD. But as I understand it the userspace part of the graphics stack (ie and mesa/blob) should be mostly the same as under linux. I don't know of any other arx performance problems when nvidia binary driver, so don't have any tips there either.

The major performance drain for AL at the moment is that all dynamic lighting is done on the CPU. Same for the transformation of dynamic objects. So a slow CPU or disabling optimizations when compiling AL can make a big performance difference. Also, this means that we are pushing a lot of (well, all actually) the geometry to the graphics hardware for every frame (or at least the color parts, but a bad driver might not understand that). I could imagine that this hits some setups more than others.

We plan to fix this in a future release - the only reason we haven't already is that it will take a lot of invasive changes to the rendering code. Hopefully the problem will just go away after that.
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Jun 16, 01:26
Without detailed data, bug reports about the game being generally slow aren't that useful as A) there is no way to know if it's just a shitty video driver smileys/3.png making the game faster is always on the TODO list.

I'm closing this as CAN'T FIX, but that doesn't mean that the speed won't ever improve, just that we can't really do anything about this specific bug report - sorry.

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