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CLOSED  Bug report #262  -  Stealth - Visibility is calculated incorrectly
Posted May 18, 2012 - updated Jul 05, 2013   Shortlink:
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Issue description
I just compared the visibility (stealth icon) in Arx Liberatis (1.0.1) and the original Arx Fatalis (1.21) and it differs alot. In Arx Liberatis you are invisible in areas that are well lit, whereas in Arx Fatalis you are invisible in the darkest areas only. I attached two screenshots for comparison. I used the OpenGL renderer for Arx Liberatis and I run the game in Windows 7 64 bit. The stealth value of my character is 50, with a dexterity of 22.
Steps to reproduce this issue
Just start a new game and look at the stealth icon in the starting area. It should not be visible except for the small area with the unlit torch (before you knock out the goblin guard).

Comment posted by
May 18, 15:07
It seems that I cannot attach the screenshots I made. Do I need specific access rights to do this or did I miss the "Upload attachment" button completely?
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
May 18, 17:33
Hm, this seems to be bug in the bug tracker - i'll look into a possible workaround. For now you can upload the screenshots to an external image hosting service (e.g. imgur) and post the links here.
Comment posted by
May 18, 22:30
Just found the bug in the sources: Visiblity is calculated by using the GetColorz function in Mesh.cpp:1013 (the function is only used for calculating the current player color and only called from Player.cpp:3402). In a previous commit the type of the color variable from the various lights used to calculate player visibility has been changed from D3DCOLOR to Color3f (see ). The Color3f however seems to use color values ranging from 0.0f - 1.0f while GetColorz relies on colors in the range of 0-255. Replacing the currently used Color3f with Color seems to do the trick and visibility is calculated as intended (just tested it with a debug build on my system):

Replace in Mesh.cpp:1095

Color3f col = Color3f::fromBGR(ep->tvi.color);


Color col = Color::fromBGR(ep->tvi.color);
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
May 19, 00:07
Thanks for the bug report and fix.

I have pushed your fix to the git repository and it will be part of the next patch release (1.0.2)

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