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CLOSED  Task #352  -  Replace DevIL
Posted Aug 06, 2012 - updated Mar 13, 2013   Shortlink:
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Fixed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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Issue description
Arx Libertatis uses DevIL to load and save JPEG, BMP and TGA images (and PNG, but there are no PNG images in AF).

However, DevIL is no longer maintained and improperly packaged for Debian and Ubuntu and because of that, it has been our most problematic library. Also its API is too state driven and not as efficient as it could be when dealing with image data not already managed by DevIL.

For 1.1 we should replace it with something better maintained.

  1. Supports the (JPEG, BMP and TGA) images shipped with Arx Fatalis 1.21 and the latest demo
  2. Supports image formats we might want to use in the future: 8-bit RGB and ARGB PNG, maybe more
  3. Is reasonably stable and easy to integrate
  4. Does not have long standing unresolved bugs
  5. If an external library, is available in most Linux distribution repositories

Currently stb_image looks like the best solution, however we will need to verify the compatibility with the existing Arx Fatalis resources.

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Aug 09, 02:47
DevIL was replaced with stb_image pretty easily. I did some tests to validate that all images files found in Arx could be loaded with stb_image... Very few issues were found, but I had to do some minor changes in stb_image.

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