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CLOSED  Bug report #422  -  Red flash when entering combat mode with a weapon equipped.
Posted Nov 06, 2012 - updated Aug 31, 2013   Shortlink:
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Issue description
When I enter into Combat Mode with a weapon equipped (this won't happen with your fists), I see a very very quick "pale red flash mud-colored" in the screen.

It will reproduce even without any armor or ring equipped, fullscreen or windowed.

(I'm running Arx Libertatis French, 1.0.3 64bits version.)
Steps to reproduce this issue
Enter Combat Mode with a weapon in your hand, this will induce the graphic glitch.

Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Nov 07, 12:49
I can't reproduce this with the OpenGL renderer under Linux. What OS and Renderer do you use?
Comment posted by
 Guest user
Nov 08, 14:18
I'm on a 64 bits Windows 7, and it occurs both on OpenGL and D3D 9 render. (With each level of texture detail and with 16 or 32 bits/pixels) To precise this issue, it occurs with axes, swords but not with an arc bow.

I manage to take screenshots of the "flashes" : When I look forward, it flash red like this : issue 1icon_open_new.png When I look to downward to my feet and enter Combat Mode, this issue is more like a half-screened black flash : issue 2icon_open_new.png When I look upward, this issue is inconsistent but is near to the "half-screened black flash" too.
Comment posted by
Nov 08, 17:40
I have the same problem.
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Nov 08, 18:21
Are you sure it doesn't work with the OpenGL renderer? You will need to restart the game for the change to take effect - the UI doesn't tell you that yet smileys/4.png

Anyway, this sounds somewhat similar to Bug report 72 - Major rendering glitch with the D3D9 renderer, just less severe.
Comment posted by
 Guest user
Nov 09, 12:57
Alright, I didn't know for the "restart to take effect" thing. I tried on OpenGL & D3D and this issue only appears with D3D. Sorry for my "misinvestigation" !
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Jul 26, 16:14
We have deprecated the D3D renderer in 1.1, changed the default to OpenGL, and will drop D3D support completely in a future version.

Closing as this only affects D3D.

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