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OPEN  Crash report #489  -  Visual C++ runtime error (ai/Paths.cpp)
Posted Apr 08, 2013 - updated Jul 06, 2013   Shortlink:
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Issue description
Visual C++ runtime error, see backtrace: :

  1. Breakpoint 1, 0x75f7b2e5 in msvcrt!_exit ()
  2. from C:\Windows\syswow64\msvcrt.dll
  3. (gdb) bt
  4. #0 0x75f7b2e5 in msvcrt!_exit () from C:\Windows\syswow64\msvcrt.dll
  5. #1 0x75f78f7b in msvcrt!abort () from C:\Windows\syswow64\msvcrt.dll
  6. #2 0x006df078 in __subvsi3 (a=-2147483648, b=1)
  7. at ../../../src/libgcc/libgcc2.c:121
  8. #3 0x00409bde in IsFULLObjectVertexInValidPosition (obj=0x120262c8)
  9. at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\ai\Paths.cpp:1561
  10. #4 0x0040aceb in ARX_EERIE_PHYSICS_BOX_Compute (obj=0x120262c8,
  11. framediff=0.109999999, source=59)
  12. at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\ai\Paths.cpp:1705
  13. #5 0x0040b1c8 in ARX_PHYSICS_BOX_ApplyModel (obj=0x120262c8,
  14. framediff=16.7089996, rubber=1.5, source=59)
  15. at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\ai\Paths.cpp:1790
  16. #6 0x0047bf7a in ARX_PHYSICS_Apply ()
  17. at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\game\NPC.cpp:1068
  18. #7 0x0043efe0 in ArxGame::renderLevel (this=0x3e6190)
  19. at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\core\ArxGame.cpp:1429
  20. #8 0x0043fd4f in ArxGame::render (this=0x3e6190)
  21. at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\core\ArxGame.cpp:1740
  22. #9 0x0043afcb in ArxGame::doFrame (this=0x3e6190)
  23. at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\core\ArxGame.cpp:647
  24. #10 0x0043aba7 in ArxGame::run (this=0x3e6190)
  25. at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\core\ArxGame.cpp:582
  26. #11 0x00446599 in runGame ()
  27. at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\core\Core.cpp:693
  28. #12 0x0045d5d7 in WinMain@16 (hInstance=0x400000, hPrevInstance=0x0,
  29. lpCmdLine=0x69d4186 "", nCmdShow=10)
  30. at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\core\Startup.cpp:199
  31. #13 0x007dc7b3 in main ()
  32. (gdb)
Steps to reproduce this issue
Load the save, run as fast as you can to the spider (run straight through the web) and pull a fern of the ground and throw it. Here is the file:

Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Apr 11, 16:16
A file was uploaded. Save file for reproducing the crash.icon_open_new.png
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Apr 11, 16:34
Hi, in the future, please include information directly in the bug report - that makes it easier to find duplicates and prevents broken links in the future. (not sure why the attach file link isn't showing up for regular users)

I couldn't reproduce this with the master branch under Linux - did you use any custom compiler / cmake flags? (like -ftrapv or -DDEBUG_EXTRA=1)
Comment posted by
Apr 11, 17:26
Yes I used -DDEBUG_EXTRA=1. It appears the issue is non-existant on regular debug/release. So I guess this not really important to fix.
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Apr 11, 17:52
Yeah, I imagine there will be many more such instances.

It's still a bug though that needs to be fixed at some point - at "best" it's undefined behavior and another compiler (version) or architecture could produce pretty much anything, even in release builds. It could also be indicative of further problems that could lead to crashes in in current builds - looks like it could be using uninitialized values / dereferencing bad pointers.