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CLOSED  Bug report #491  -  Cheat runes don't work with 1.21 Arx data
Posted Apr 20, 2013 - updated Jun 30, 2013   Shortlink:
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Issue description
Since the closing comment to Feature request 238 - Add cheats indicated that the developers expect that the cheat runes (MAX, etc) to function I'm opening this bug to report that this is not the case. The cheat runes are not being registered by version 1.03 of Liberatis using the data from the 1.21 version of Fatalis from Note that the cheat runes also do not work in Fatalis so it may be the data that is the root cause.

I actually made a template out of cardboard and used it to insure my rune drawing was correct. Not that it seems necessary; there are YouTube videos of players running the pre-1.21 versions of the game and successfully drawing the runes with less precision:
Steps to reproduce this issue
Try to draw one of the cheat runes with Arx 1.21 data installed.

Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Apr 28, 12:30

cheat runes do work, but they need to be drawn very exactly - even more so than normal spells.

I actually made a template out of cardboard and used it to insure my rune drawing was correct.

The way runes are detected may not be very intuitive. The changes in direction matter much more than the overall shape - even moving the cursor slightly in the wrong direction or not making sharp enough turns can break the detection.

We have started to document some of the cheat spells on the wiki. There is some tolerance, but not much.

I am not sure if a previous version of Arx Fatalis was more lenient here, but the rune system is something we plan to overhaul at some point.
Comment posted by
Jun 30, 23:12
I tested most cheat runes while editing the wiki page and they worked.

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