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CLOSED  Bug report #781  -  Moving item causes double-clicking issue
Posted Nov 14, 2015 - updated Nov 14, 2015   Shortlink:
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Issue description
Dragging an item and then clicking the arrows to switch bag in the inventory registers as a double-click and switches from bag 1- bag 3 or vice-versa.
Steps to reproduce this issue
1. Have 3 inventory bags or more. 2. Drag any item in the inventory, such that it replaces the mouse cursor. 3. Click on the up or down arrows on the right of the inventory.

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Nov 14, 19:46
Note: I'm the reporter but forgot to login.

Tested in 1.1.2 and did not occur. May be related to a similar bug I remember a few months ago where clicking any world item registered as a double-click?
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Nov 14, 22:56
Fixed in 2a65269

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