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OPEN  Bug report #961  -  Rebel merchant stuck at door to his shop
Posted Jan 13, 2017 - updated Jan 15, 2017   Shortlink:
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Issue description
After pickpocketing the rebel merchant at the location he's situated in the attached save file, he becomes stuck, thus blocking access to his shop. I cannot access his wares.

I would greatly appreciate if a dev could attach a fixed save file.

Arx Fatalis 1.21 arx-libertatis-1.2-dev-2016-12-19/

Steps to reproduce this issue
Nothing entered.

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Jan 14, 19:15
A file was uploaded. UnstuckMerchanticon_open_new.png
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Jan 14, 19:18
Hi, i tried to fix the save by using the npc behavior wander_around and go_home.

Something seems to be wrong with the pathfinder.

The issue is, the npc becomes hostile after a while.

Maybe this is due to the pickpocket attempt failing, i have not checked.

So, i am not sure how usefull this save actually is.

I would always recommend using multiple save files, in case you encounter a bug.
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Jan 15, 17:01
The save will work as long as you step into the shadows and wait for the merchant to lock the door. After that, everything should work as before.

It is safe to approach the shopkeeper as soon as he assumes his default position near the chests. However, approaching him before he finishes his walk can make him attack again.
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Jan 15, 20:14
The hostility is caused by a bug in the shopkeeper's script (human_base_0087\human_base.asl).

If he returns from the pub, he unlocks the door (line 156) and proceeds to open the shop. If the door (light_door_0005\light_door.asl) is already unlocked, it sends a WATCH event to the shopkeeper (line 48), This eventually prompts the guard to attack the player on sight upon checking the door, but nowhere else.

If the player enters the shop area, an ON CONTROLLEDZONE_ENTER event is produced, cancelling the shopkeeper's move to his designated spot (lines 77 and 78) and by setting $todoor to 2, upon leaving the area he resumes his walk as if he was still returning from the pub (line 47 and subsequently 235), checking the door he just unlocked and becoming hostile if the player is in sight.

This can be fixed by commenting out lines 77 and 78, making him ignore the player until he finishes his walk.