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OPEN  Bug report #113  -  Strange reveal of the the murderer
Posted Sep 29, 2011 - updated Jul 26, 2013   Shortlink:
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Issue description
When you get the proof that Carlo was involved in the queen's murder, you can show it to him, or talk to the king.

If you show it to him, you get the original letter that the queen was sending to the sacred dagger's, and then can show that to the king for a additional exp. However, you then do not get the king's shocked speech.

If you show it to the king, you get the speech, but no letter - Carlo is in prison, but you can't interact with him (too far) and even if you could (passwall) he doesn't react to the proof by giving you the letter anymore. I'm not looking to make the letter available on both paths - it's a good secret. But i'd like the king's shocked speech in both, so slightly adjust the script so that the first path is: show proof to carlo -> Carlo gives you the letter and disappears, but doesn't go to prison yet -> show proof to king -> king's speech -> show carlo's letter to king (only possible after showing proof).

I think it would make more sense like this.
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Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Sep 30, 18:06
When you show Carlo the letter first he will already have turned himself in by the time you get to the king (he is already in jail), so it doesn't really make sense for the king to still be shocked when when you show him the letters / diary. I guess that could be clearer in Carlo's dialog with the player.
Comment posted by
Sep 30, 19:42
Maybe let him stay there? And you go to the king. If only there was a "I will let you decide dialog"