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OPEN  Bug report #1312  -  Guard blocks Alia's house
Posted Jan 13, 2019 - updated Mar 06, 2024   Shortlink:
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Issue description
I never noticed when he came by, but he blocks the way to Alia. I believe this happened after I stole Krahoz from rebels.
Steps to reproduce this issue
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Comment posted by
 Guest user
Nov 15, 03:15
Same as above - stole Krahoz, now guard blocks access to Alia. I can activate the cutscene where she asks me to help find the thief or return Krahoz by jumping to the left of the building, as though trying to get in through the window on the south side of the room, but otherwise no dice. Even trying to use Telekinesis to give Krahoz back to her doesn't work from that distance (I'm not actually certain if Telekinesis lets you use items on people at a larger range).
Comment posted by
 Guest user
Nov 23, 23:10
Same problem, The guard appears in exactly the same place after the Krahaz theft every time.

The guard doesn't move or talk, but aggro with everyone if you attack. You can give Alia Krahaz or shield only if provoke rebels.

Comment posted by
 Guest user
Mar 06, 05:06
Has this bug ever been picked up?