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OPEN  Feature request #1427  -  Add an option to swap use and double click action functionality
Posted Mar 06, 2020 - updated Mar 06, 2020   Shortlink:
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Issue description
The existing interaction paradigm in Arx Fatalis can be summarized as follows:

Action key single click - select and drag item in world/inventory

Action key double click - activate item/world object, speak with NPC

Action key + Stealth key hold - put item into inventory

Use key - equip or use item in world/inventory

My observation is that activating objects and speaking with NPCs occurs a lot more than equipping or using items, and frequent double clicking can become tiresome. Currently there's no way to bind a separate key to perform the common function of double clicking. There could be an option to swap these functionalities, so the use key becomes the activate input, and double clicking becomes the input to equip or use items. Alternatively, each of these functions could receive a separate binding which allows for hold key combinations or double presses, though this would undoubtedly require more effort.