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OPEN  Bug report #156  -  Sequence breaking :)
Posted Jan 29, 2012 - updated May 24, 2012   Shortlink:
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Issue description
I rather like it, and like when games allow it. So this is one of my favorite pages:

Specifically, the part about Arx Fatalis uncovers some real bugs

"Talk to Kultar again, and he'll tell you to get going. Kill him. Then leave." ... "When you enter, Kultar appears and says he'll kill you. I guess this is fair, since we did murder him back in Act 1, Scene 2."

"An Unexpected Meeting" Carlo is alive after being killed.

"59. For entertainment, go into the Guard room. You'll find Carlo dead, exactly where he was before, despite his brief resurrection in the castle. Go back into the castle. Now that the Ylsides are gone, some sick bastard has put the King's dead body back into the throne room!" ;)

"If at first you don't succeed, cheat" AI bug(s)

Don't forget to read for a laugh
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Nothing entered.

Comment posted by
Feb 04, 03:51
these things are mostly impossible for us to fix at least without releasing patches to the existing scripts.

those will probably end up happening at some point once the tools become available to make it easier. (editor is apparently planned for the second release.)

the biggest laugh for me is from the revelation that the goblins are so similar to certain muppets.
Comment posted by
Feb 04, 21:59
scummvm and residual do in-memory patching of scripts.

If it's feasible to have a script compiler i guess that's a possibility.
Comment posted by
Feb 05, 16:40
that's the plan. actually dscharrer talked about perhaps replacing the scripting engine entirely, and then the patching process would be not only small fixes but complete translations as well.

that may be some distance into the future though and the original game did actually manage to work fine surprisingly despite having such an insane number of bugs smileys/2.png