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OPEN  Enhancement #1747  -  Flatpak build
Posted Jan 06, 2024 - updated Jan 06, 2024   Shortlink:
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Issue description
I've put together a Flatpak build manifest that will create a distribution of Arx Libertatis to be uploaded to for easy distribution of AL to Linux users, especially on e.g. the Steam Deck where adding system packages that AL depends on is very complicated and unreliable to sort out.

Things to note:

- Maintenance will be minimal - Flathub will monitor the GitHub repository from their infrastructure, and whenever a new version tag is created (matching `^(\d\.+)$`), kick off a CI build on Flathub's infrastructure to update the distribution there from that tag. Here is an example build of another project I've done this for, and the resulting Flathub listing.. - I have created [a PR on the ArxLibertatisData repository] to add the required metadata file; Flathub usually request that this metadata is added to upstream projects rather than the Flatpak build repositories. This is the only thing that would need maintenance from the AL side of things, but as it's just metadata about the project the file should be fairly static unless you want the release notes for any new versions to be kept up to date for display on Flathub.

I've tested this build locally on my Steam Deck and it works very well; when first starting the game through this Flatpak it just pops open the regular prompt for game data which I've pointed at a copy of Arx I'd installed via Steam and it just proceeded to copy it over. I then uninstalled the Steam copy of Arx and confirmed that AL continues to work perfectly fine.

Crucially, Flathub's submission guidelines require that if the PR for a new distribution isn't made by a maintainer of the project itself, the person creating the PR for the builds has at least permission from the project maintainers to do so. This is the reason for me creating this ticket - if you're happy for me to submit my build spec to Flathub so Arx Libertatis can be distributed over there, please respond so I can link to this issue in my PR over at Flathub. smileys/2.png