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CLOSED  Bug report #578  -  Open doorway visuals bug (minor, does not hinder game mechanics)
Posted Nov 03, 2013 - updated Nov 04, 2013   Shortlink:
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Issue description
Sometimes when walking through an opened, wooden hinged door, your vision will flicker very briefly as you pass through the door, as though for a fraction of a second, it seems like the door is shut just as you pass into where the door would be when it is shut, and looks like you are looking at the insides of the wooden door (totally obscuring your vision for that fraction of a second)
Steps to reproduce this issue
Happens with most wooden doors, if not all. You don't have to get far into the gameplay to notice the effect.

Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Nov 03, 18:15
Sounds like a known bug with the D3D renderer, which we don't support anymore and will remove in the next version.

Please switch the renderer to OpenGL in the video settings, restart the game and report if it still happens then (or any other bugs you encounter with the OpenGL renderer). Thanks.
Comment posted by
 Guest user
Nov 04, 03:39
My mistake; the bug I was experiencing was with the "Bloody Gobblers" version, I hadn't known yet that a new version. Additionally, I was likely using D3D rendering, since it was only just yesterday that I noticed I could switch renderers, please forgive my ignorance
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Nov 04, 10:26
No problem.

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