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OPEN  Enhancement #655  -  Enhance Control Demon
Posted Aug 22, 2014 - updated Aug 22, 2014   Shortlink:
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Issue description
As far as I can tell, control Demon works like this:
  * cast summon demon
  * cast control demon onto the intended target

On paper it looks good - personally I prefer this approach than permanently "binding" a demon that will defend against all enemies until it is banished (oblivion/skyrim). However there are these deficiencies:

  1. too short a radius: control demon's target must be quite close to the demon - chances are the demon will score a few hits before you can bind it to a target. This leads to a strange dance wherein the player attempts to lure the demon towards the target while avoiding damage from both the target and the demon.
  2. notification: the target reticule should notify the player if the target is byeond the spell's radius
  3. priorities: control demon assigns a lower attack priority to the target than the summoner. If the target and summoner are lined equidistant from the demon, the demon will invariably attack the summoner. If the summoner is between the target and demon, the demon will of course attack the summoner. Ideally the summoner will not be attacked while demon has been bound to a living target.
  4. undead: doesn't work with undead - fallen undead are ignored by the demon even after they rise again. Ideally once fallen the demon will move on to the next target (usually the summoner) until previous target rises again, after which it will then return to the rerisen undead.
  5. multiple targets: multiple attack targets should be supported. The demon should move to the next target in the queue once the current target is dead/fallen.

Comment posted by
Aug 22, 04:50
This involves modifying src/game/magic/spells/SpellsLvl10.cpp and graph/obj3d/interactive/npc/demon/demon.asl. Since it involves modifying game data, changes wouldn't be accepted? Or would have to be released as a separate project or mod?

I think 2 is too complicated, and I'm also unsure if 4 is even possible.