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OPEN  Feature request #150  -  No option to disable 3d audio
Posted Jan 11, 2012 - updated Nov 06, 2014   Shortlink:
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Issue description
The game currently provides no option to render to stereo only. This means that systems which support 5.1 channels, for example, will render to those channels even if only headphones are connected.

It shouldn't be too difficult to force rendering of audio in stereo. The potential drawbacks include that rear and center channels in that case may not receive any output.

The audio engine is in need of upgrades of course and the inclusion of options to pan across the available channels could eventually be provided with other audio related improvements.

Comment posted by
Feb 12, 07:46
I'm not sure about Windows but in Linux thats is configured via openal itself
Comment posted by
Feb 12, 21:59
it works ok as long as the game generates valid coordinates and coefficients. the problem is that of course, it doesn't smileys/2.png

for me, open-al often manages to generate silence when sources pan in certain ways. i haven't spent any time looking at whether the issue is a bug in the arx code, or if it's a problem with open-al and the way arx attempts to use it. (for example, open-al doesn't clip something, and arx provides out of range values without caring.)

the whole audio system is quite a mess both on the arx side and in the abstraction layer to dsound or open-al. hopefully this can be cleaned up, but it's quite a large effort required to design a better system.
Comment posted by
 Daniel Scharrer
Nov 06, 23:09
I don't think OpenAL let's us specify this in the API - for OpenAL Soft it can be set in a config file though.