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OPEN  Bug report #1745  -  Slow walk movement speed after
Posted Dec 17, 2023 - updated Feb 01, 2024   Shortlink:
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Issue description
Minor but somewhat annoying bug. After finishing the temple of Akbaa quest, the walk movement speed slows to a crawl. This only pertains to the walk movmement speed (pressing and holding shift), and not the normal jog speed.
Steps to reproduce this issue
- Complete the Temple of Akbaa segment and return to Arx and speak to Lunshire - Leave the castle - Hold down the walk button and notice how slow the movement speed is

Comment posted by
Feb 01, 20:29
This is caused by a script in
  1. graph\obj3d\interactive\npc\human_base\human_base_0082\human_base.asl
line 95:
  1. LOADANIM -p WALK "human_normal_walk_guard" // NEW CINE
The script sets the player's animation to one of the guards' (which is much slower) for the throne room cinematic but never actually resets it.