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OPEN  Bug report #760  -  Overly aggressive culling of doors
Posted Aug 02, 2015 - updated Aug 02, 2015   Shortlink:
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Issue description
When walking through certain doors in the city of Arx or the one leading into the tavern (and possibly others), after going through the door and a short distance beyond it I noticed the door object suddenly disappears. This only occurs when the door is open and you have it in the side of your vision. Seems like overly aggressive culling- perhaps related to #588 or #63?
Steps to reproduce this issue
Go, for example, to the southern door into the church in the Kingdom and open the door. Walk outside the church facing ahead (or mostly ahead) and pay attention to the door. It should disappear.

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Aug 02, 15:54
A file was uploaded. Save in front of an affected door.icon_open_new.png