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OPEN  Feature request #354  -  Add support to read game resources from .zip files
Posted Aug 06, 2012 - updated May 16, 2017   Shortlink:
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Issue description
This will allow us and mod creators to create resource bundles without using the proprietary implode compression algorithm used in Arx Libertatis' .pak files for which no good OSS encoder exists - in fact it will allow to create AL resource bundles with almost any regular archiving tool or even directly in some file managers.

Note: We should not add support for multiple different archive formats or we will need to support them forever if people ship mods that use them. We should also limit ourselves to deflate compression for .zip files.

.zip is a good format here because all files are compressed individually. This is not optimal for the compression ratio on small files but allows us to load individual resources without de-compressing everything.